We have captured photos and video from the 2015 event and will post them up once they are ready for you to re-live it all again

Pictures from Winchester PPP 2015

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  • Many, many more to be added
  • These are pictures from the PPP team and also anyone who joins our Flickr group
  • It will take a few days to post-process and upload them all, so do keep looking.
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Additional Information

See pictures from others:

In Flickr, type WinchesterPPP2014 into the search box on the right-hand-side. This works if people have tagged them – see below.

If you like, you can just email a link to your pictures to and we’ll post it here…

Download hi-res Pictures

You can download from Flickr the hi-res pictures that WinchesterPPP and some others have put up – click the picture of interest so that it enlarges, then RIGHT-click, then under View All Sizes and click the largest size, which is approx. 2048 x 1365. This should enlarge to good quality at A4 and acceptable A3 if you stand back to view it. At your discretion you may want to make a small donation to Macmillan on our JustGiving page

Upload your own pictures to our Flickr group

To upload, sign in using your Flickr or Facebook login, or sign up for Flickr. Mouse over Groups to the right of the flickr logo, click Search Groups, type in WinchesterPPP, and Join?. This sends us an email, we’ll give you permission, and you can upload to the group.

When you’re in, mouse over Groups along the top, then click Groups List and click WinchesterPPP.

To upload to the WinchesterPPP group, click the Upload link along the top and then drag and drop or select files. BEFORE clicking Go, do be sure to add tags of WinchesterPPP2014 AND ALSO Add to Groups and choose WinchesterPPP. If you don’t do this, it’s very laborious to add them to the group later. Also set the Copyright as you want it.

Alternative method to avoid joining the group

Upload using the Uploader as usual, BUT BE SURE TO TAG YOUR PICTURES – see below.

Make sure your pictures can be found - tag with WinchesterPPP2014

BE SURE TO Tag your pictures with WinchesterPPP2014, so that they will be found when someone searches for this tag. Don’t forget the 2014! To Tag them, click Organise & Create along the top, select all your PPP pictures and drag them into the main area; if you’re not already on the Batch Organise tab click it, and click Add Tags. Type in WinchesterPPP2014.

It seems to take a while for Search to become aware of newly tagged pictures, so if Search doesn’t find them immediately, check the next day.

Who can see and download your pictures?

If you upload your own pictures, be aware that Flickr defaults to making them available for download as explained above – you can disable this. Also it defaults to making them publicly available, but if you’ve changed this then they won’t be! More details about both these topics at

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